Dried Loquat 枇杷乾


枇杷乾:來自枇杷之鄉雲霄. 新鮮枇杷果是樹原粒枇杷去皮製造,農家純手工做法,無防腐劑和添加劑,男女老幼放心服用.  煙煙韌韌,甜甜酸酸好滋味.

功效: 枇杷含有機酸,能刺激消化腺分泌,增進食慾、幫助消化吸收、止渴解暑 能潤肺止咳、祛痰 溫潤降火,修身養胃



價錢:$38/樽  $200/6樽

Fried Loquat is from raw Loquat peeled from trees. It is hand-made in rural areas without preservatives or additives. It is suitable for men, women. It taste good with sweet and sour flavor.

Benefits : Loquat contains organic acids, which can stimulate the secretion of digestive glands, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption, quench thirst and relieve internal heat. It soothes the lung, relieve cough and remove phlegm.

Net weight: 120g

Origin: China

Price: $38/bottle $200/6 bottle

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