Ginsing-Whole Natural Stem 全茎天然人参

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Entirely Natural Grown in the Mountain: Ginsing seeds are artifically sown into the natural environment, let it grow naturally, no transplanting, no shed, no fertilizer, no weeding, natural growth in the forest for more than 20 years before it is collected.

Every individual ginsing has its own shape, the picture as shown is for references only. Therefore if you find your purchased ginsing looks different from the picture, please be reminded that it is completely normal.

Seasonal Sales HKD 499

Delivery  : 8 to 15days


每个单独的人参都有自己的形状,所示图片仅供参考。 因此,如果您发现购买的人参看起来与图片有所不同,请注意这是完全正常的。

特惠价 : 港币 499/条



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