Loquat Health Cake 枇杷養生糕


[Loquat Health Cake] Hand-made by the farm, without any added pigments and preservatives, natural and safe to consume, suitable for men, women, and children.

From Yunxiao, the hometown of loquats. Loquats are freshly picked from the orchard and handmade by local farmers .

Using wild jujube meat as antiseptic, natural and safe. Retaining the original flavor and nutrition of loquat, the taste is soft and fresh and appetizing ~ a must-try healthy snack! Loquat has soft and juicy flesh, moderate sweetness and sourness, and delicious taste. It is known as the “Emperor of Fruit”, which moisturizes, clears the lungs and transforms Phlegm, stomach, help digestion.

Ingredients: Loquat, wild jujube meat, white sugar, water, glutinous rice paper

Net weight: 180g

Origin: China

Price: $38/pack        $200/6 packs

[枇杷養生糕] 農家手工製作,無添加任何色素和防腐,天然放心服用,男女老幼皆宜   $38/包   $200/6包







價錢:$38/包        $200/6包


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