Mulberry Hawthorn Cake 桑葚山楂糕


「桑葚山楂糕」 農家手工製作~無添加劑無防腐劑色素

價錢:$38/包       $200/6包



交 货: 4 至 10天



能吃到山楂的酸 ,也能聞到桑葚的野,零添加軟糯清新又生津開胃,給予連兒童和老人都放心服用~


** 放到辦公室、會議室里,累了睏了來一口,酸酸甜甜,解乏提神補充能量!


“Mulberry hawthorn cake” handmade by the farmhouse ~ no additives, no preservatives, no pigments  , creating Unprecedented sparks ️.

Can taste the sourness of hawthorn and smell the wild mulberry. It has no added soft waxy and fresh and appetizing body fluid. It can be taken with confidence even for children and the elderly.

** Take a few pieces before meals to increase appetite; Accidentally eating too much gluttony, eating some mulberry and hawthorn sticks can relieve gastrointestinal discomfort~

** Put it in the office or conference room, and take a bite when tired, sweet and sour, refreshing and replenishing energy!

**Going out for business, socializing, eating excessively greasy meals, you can also eat some hawthorn strips to get greasy~

Mulberry: rich in anthocyanins and iron, etc., protect eyes, nourish blood, nourish yin, and anti-aging

Hawthorn: Contains organic acids and vitamin C, etc., dissipates food and prevents atherosclerosis

Ingredients: mulberry, hawthorn, water, sugar,

Net weight: 220g

Origin: China

Price: $38/package    Sales : 200 for 6 packs

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