Natural Honey 枇杷花蜜


來自100%純正果園 自產天然蜂蜜,含水量少,質地濃稠。 自帶枇杷花清香,有點像杏仁味,甘甜不膩,屬於蜜中上品~

枇杷花蜜屬稀有蜜種,活性營養豐富, 有著枇杷果和枇杷果的功效: 清肺解毒,養身補氣,有清肺、泄熱、化痰、止咳平喘等保健功效。





價錢:$168/樽            $300/2樽

Natural Honey from 100% pure orchard, with low water content and thick texture. It has the fragrance of loquat flower. It tastes like almond. It’s sweet but not greasy. It belongs to the top grade of honey.  Loquat Nectar is a rare nectar species, rich in active nutrients. It has the effect of loquat fruit and loquat fruit Qingfei Jiedu, Yangshen Buqi, Qingfei, Xiehe, Huatan, antitussive asthma and other health effects. Loquat nectar has low yield in cold winter, and its crystal taste is also great.

Ingredients: 100% loquat nectar

Net weight: 400g

Origin: Fujian Yunxiao

Price: $168 / bottle $300 / 2bottle

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